Gold is one of the most precious and beloved indispensable metal in the whole world. Various types of ornaments made of gold are fitted with precious stones and gems. Today, both men and women round the world love to wear gold ornaments with gems.

There are certain reputed suppliers of pure gold ornaments. They also supply precious gems framed with gold. However, there are certain tips you need to keep in mind while buying expensive gold jewellery.

Things to remember

The following things are to be judged while buying gold ornaments:

  • The purity of gold
  • The exact weight and design of the gold ornament
  • Exact price
  • True colour of the gold metal
  • Identify whether it is real gold
  • The gold jewellery must have a government seal
  • Have an idea of the jeweller’s reputation

Pure gold metal is very soft. Thus, the gold ornaments are to be alloyed with other harder metals to increase its durability and strength. Some of these alloyed metals are Zinc, Nikel, Copper, etc. The carat options for these are 22K, 24K or 18K. The carat option should be high in the gold ornaments, higher is the Carat, and purer is the gold.

How to buy gold jewellery?

While buying a gold jewellery first look at the quality mark of pure gold, 24 karat pure gold is alloyed with harder metals to add to the strength. Eighteen karat gold is 3/4th of pure gold. Thus, according to European measurement it consists 75% of pure gold.

Have a very close look at the trademarks of the gold jewellery. The jewellery piece must be stamped with a good quality mark like trademark or hallmark. Sometimes, the gold ornaments are also marked with the nation of origin. All these points assure you that you are buying “original” and “pure” gold at very fair price.

How to maintain gold jewellery?

Gold is a very precious and delicate metal. The yellowish glowing colour of gold is original and never gets faded with time. However, at the same time it is a very delicate metal. Thus, it can break or scratched anytime if not handled properly.

Gold can be damaged with chlorine, thus always keep the metal away from chlorinated cleansing products. The gold ornaments should also be kept away from Jacuzzis and swimming pools. You can protect your gold jewellery by wrapping it with a soft cloth and storing it safely, when it is not worn. Always dry the gold jewellery after cleaning.

Polish the gold jewellery regularly and clean it with effective solutions like lukewarm water or get it steam cleaned. Keep your gold jewellery away from moisture, dust, makeup and perspiration. Always consult a professional jewellery repair service provider for fixing your damaged gold ornaments.

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